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30+ Funny & Creative 404 Page for Inspiration

It is quite frustrating to look for a page and suddenly you get something that says ‘404 page not found’. Normally, 404 error pages would look plain and simple with just a few characters on an empty white screen saying your page cannot be found. Because searching on the internet takes a lot of your precious time, getting a 404 page in return is not amusing at all. The urgency to connect to that page and the failure to do so creates an inharmonious balance that adds up to your stress and anxiety. This could be the reason why funny 404 pages are now being used to cover up the page that you were trying to access.

Expert says that what you see can affect the way how you feel towards a certain situation and seeing a lousy 404 error pages will make you unplug and kill your searching interest. To loosen up the tension of finding where that page is, funny 404 pages came to rescue. Now, some of the 404 page that you will encounter may contain comical characters, humorous concepts on colorful web pages. This will then result to, either laughing about the 404 page or peacefully continue surfing the net for the information you were trying to look for.

Funny 404 pages gives a good feeling after long hours of heavy internet surfing and researching. Even if you cannot find the page you’re supposed to read, funny error pages lights up the mood and gives you an obligatory break.

This scheme of giving a wit to the error pages are not only beneficial to the net surfers but also has a few advantages on the web host.

If you are into web hosting and your pages suddenly cannot give a search, then your readers will probably be mad or unsatisfied with your service. You may receive some negative comments and reviews from your readers. Well, in this situation, try and find a humorous 404 page that you can link to your website and you may save yourself from frustrated surfers that you don’t want to deal with. Some will just laugh about it, call it a pass and will not even bother to send you nasty suggestions about your web page.

Whether you’re some curious reader searching for different funny 404 pages or you’re looking for a perfect one to use for your site, you’re on the right way! Below is a list of links to funniest 404 pages that can help you ease the tension of your readers. We have gathered up to 30+ links of the most used pages that will make your audience laugh and forget it that a page error ever happened.

404 Error Html Template – View

404 Error Html Template

Bluegg 404 Page – View

Bluegg 404 Page

Creative 404 Pages – View

Creative 404 Pages

Lego 404 Page Template – View

Lego 404 Page Template

Zombie Animated 404 Page – View

Zombie Animated 404 Page

Magnt 404 Page Design – View

Magnt 404 Page Design

Galaxy404 Responsive 404 Template – View

Galaxy404 Responsive 404 Template

Hotdot 404 Page Template – View

Hotdot 404 Page Template

Missing 404 Responsive Template – View

Missing 404 Responsive Template

Bluedaniel 404 Page – View

Bluedaniel 404 Page

Sahara Responsive 404 Template – View

Sahara Responsive 404 Template

Mailchimp 404 Template – View

Mailchimp 404 Template

Samara Responsive Template – View

Samara Responsive Template

Tinsanity Theme 404 – View

Tinsanity Theme 404

Angrypanda 404 Template – View

Angrypanda 404 Template

Audiko 404 Page Theme – View

Audiko 404 Page Theme

Psicobyte Funny 404 Page – View

Psicobyte Funny 404 Page

Mikeace Page Template – View

Mikeace Page Template

Jhuskisson 404 Page – View

Jhuskisson 404 Page

Ifolderlinks 404 Page Theme – View

Ifolderlinks 404 Page Theme

Viadeo 404 Page Template – View

Viadeo 404 Page Template

Tele2 404 Page – View

Tele2 404 Page

Chrisglass 404 Template – View

Chrisglass 404 Template

Amorphia Apparel 404 Page – View

Amorphia Apparel 404 Page

Hakim 404 HTML5 Template – View

Hakim 404 HTML5 Template

Homestarrunner 404 Page – View

Homestarrunner 404 Page

D20srd 404 Page Template – View

D20srd 404 Page Template

Homestarrunner 404 Theme – View

Homestarrunner 404 Theme

Huwshimi 404 Error Page – View

Huwshimi 404 Error Page

Blackmoondev 440 Theme – View

Blackmoondev 440 Theme

Wufoo 404 Page Template – View

Wufoo 404 Page Template

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