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Best Headphones Under $100
Best Headphones Under $100

Top 10 Best Headphones You Can Buy Under $100 of 2017

Headphones are one of those electronic gadgets that fall into a very wide range of price. They can be very cheap as well as insanely cheap at the same time. It all depends on your needs, expectations, usage, style, and features.

Looking for the best cheap headphones under $100 of 2017?

If you are wondering what are some of the best cheap headphones of 2017 that you can buy under $100 then we are here to help you with that. We are here to present you with the best list of headphones under $100 that are stylish, comfortable, and offer the good sound quality at the same time. This list include both wired and wireless Bluetooth headphones that fits your budget and quality requirements. We won’t let you compromise with the style, quality, and budget and take care of what you can afford. This is going to be the collection of most affordable best headphones under $100 in 2017.

The list below will make you believe that you don’t need to splurge on expensive headphones for no apparent reason when you can buy best headphones under $100 budget:

Sony MDR 7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphones

Sony MDR 7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphones
Sony MDR 7506

Sony’s MDR-7506 headphones are specially engineered to click with all music genres and offer premium sound quality. At the same time, they are so comfortable that you can wear them all day long. This is why they made it to the list of best headphones under $100 of 2017.
Below are some features and specifications of Sony MDR 7506 Headphones:

  • 40 mm drivers and neodymium magnets for detailed music and premium sound quality
  • Highly comfortable closed ear design offering great reduction of external noises
  • Gold plated plug with 9.8 foot cord ends including ¼ inch adapter
  • Easily foldable for the storage and portability
  • 10Hz – 20 kHz frequency response

Overall, they make the best fit for the headphones under $100.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

These oblique angled headphones under $100 comprises of two balanced armatures and a dispersed dynamic driver made to deliver a great listening experience with unmatched sound quality even on high bass. And not forget that these quality headphones are tuned by Grammy-Winning Sound Engineer that makes them perfectly tuned to deliver the defined demonstration of artists’ sound.
Specifications and Features

  • Three drivers providing extremely accurate listening experience with high-level clarity.
  • Oblique-angled ear fittings with 9 pairs of ear tips offering great comfort to your ear canals.
  • In-line remote with intelligent control
  • Specially tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer

The above specialties of these amazing microphones make these the best fit in the list of best cheap headphones 2017.

Cowin E-7 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Cowin E-7 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
Cowin E-7

These headphones use significant noise reduction technology and are especially designed for travel, work, and other noisy places. Furthermore, it features active noise cancelling technology that can be turned off by flipping the switch. These headphones give exceptional sound quality throughout the supported range of frequency with the right bass.
Specifications and Features

  • Exclusive large drivers of 40 mm aperture
  • Comfortable and light-weight around-ear fit
  • Great material offering sheer comfort and durability
  • On-board mic and pulse remote for controlling volume and switching playlists
  • Playtime of 30 hours on Bluetooth mode

This one is one of the best Bluetooth headphones you can buy under $100.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Audio-Technica ATH-M30x

If you are interested in purchasing the pair of headphones under $100 that fits your budget and offers premium sound quality, this is the head-set to choose. Its sleek black color gives it an ultra-stylish look and its collapsibility makes it the great fit for travelling. These headphones provide high accuracy of sound at any frequency and that’s what makes them worth purchasing.
Specifications and Features

  • 40 mm drivers
  • Rare earth magnets
  • Copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils
  • Brilliantly tuned for enhanced sound details
  • Extremely soft on ears with great comfort

If the comfort is your first priority, these are one of the best headphones you can buy under $100.

LyxPro HAS 10 Professional Headphones

LyxPro HAS 10 Professional Headphones
LyxPro HAS 10

I agree that LyxPro is newcomer in the market of best cheap headphones of 2017, but still it stands on one’s expectations as good as its well-established competitors do. These headphones are taking the headphone industry by storm with their highly affordable budget and superb sound quality. The brand, now, is making the bestselling headphones under $100 in 2017. LyxPro HAS 10 is one of the best-selling headphones of 2017 and it’s completely a thing of beauty.
Features and Specifications

  • Its ear cups are rotatable on 180 degrees
  • Amazing stainless steel arms
  • Constructed seamlessly by keeping comfort in mind
  • Use of high quality aluminum shells in construction
  • Audio doesn’t crack on high volumes

These headphones are designed perfectly for the people who like to record and listen to music while they travel.

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

People who have used the ATH-M40x earphones compare the headset with the expensive relatives and claim that these earphones provide as good sound quality as its expensive alternatives does. This headset never fails please its customers with its price and pro-quality monitoring. Furthermore, these headsets offer high durability and great comfort.
Features and Specifications

  • Fine sound engineering by professional sound engineers and strong construction
  • One ear monitoring and 90 degree rotating ear cups
  • Copper-clad aluminum wire for voice calls
  • Excellent isolation from outside noises
  • High durability and comfort

These headsets are as good as some of the most expensive headsets in the market and perfect for buying.

BÖHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone

BÖHM</a> Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone

BÖHM Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones are the best Bluetooth headphones you can buy under $500. Coming to its sound quality, these headphones offers much better sound than you might expect from these headsets. They are equipped with clearly rendered midrange and most satisfactory bass you’ll ever have. These headphones made the music sound rich and watching movies with them will just be a treat to ears.
Features and Specifications

  • 20Hz – 20 KHz frequency range
  • CSR Bluetooth 4.0
  • Active noise cancellation
  • 18 hour battery life
  • 10 meters operating range
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices

These Bluetooth headphones are a great pick under $100. Buy these headphones now and thank me later.

The HESH 2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The HESH 2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
The HESH 2

Lodged in a sleek and appealing case, these headphones are meant to offer elevated music experience with the supreme sound. Being fairly comfortable to wear, these headphones are equipped with powerful drivers for a loud and clear playback. They come with the three-button remote making it easy to operate and you can feel it.
Features and Specifications

  • 50mm drivers with enhanced sound quality and clear playback
  • Embedded mic to take calls and record sounds
  • Long battery life of 12 hours
  • Premium noise reduction and lowest outside noise
  • Backup cable with Mic

Hesh 2 is a great headphones choice in decent budget.

AKG 240 Semi Open Studio Headphones

AKG 240 Semi Open Studio Headphones
AKG 240

You can define these headphones as a modern construction with retro appearance that unarguably qualifies for the list of best headphones under $100. This black and gold beauty looks old-school style and new-generation badass at the same time. Its well-cushioned surrounds will give you comfort like your pillows and the large ear cups won’t put any pressure on your ears. Its leather strap adjusts itself to ensure the secure and comfortable fit for your ears. Coming to the sound, let us tell you that it will surpass your expectations and even the performance of many headphones listed in this list.
Features and Specifications

  • Professional headphones compatible for studio use
  • Semi-open to offer more comfort
  • 3 meter cable that is completely replaceable

You won’t find the comfort they offer anywhere but here.

AmazonBasicsAmazon Basics Lightweight on Ear Headphones

AmazonBasics Amazon Basics Lightweight on Ear Headphones

Constructed with the simple and straightforward design, these headphones are the reminiscent of some Sony headphone models that come in low budget. These headphones are significantly comfortable and soft on ears with reasonably good sound quality making them worthy of mention in this list. The sound quality is quite stable and you will enjoy the music.
Features and Specifications

  • Minimization of outside noises by on-ear fit so that you can hear every beat of the music you listen
  • Great for portability and storage as they can rotate to take the flat shape
  • Maximum input level of these headphones is 1000mW
  • It supports the frequency range of 12 Hz – 22,000 Hz
  • Things to consider while choosing the best headphones under $100
  • Do not buy the headphones just by losing your heart to its design and the price. Be very specific with your needs and choose your best match accordingly.
  • Before selecting any of the headphones under $100, you must take care of few things that are listed below:
  • What is your purpose of choosing headphones? – Recording or listening
  • What are your design preferences?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is it offering the sound quality that you’re are expecting?
  • Is it offering enough comfort so as to make you listen to the music without pain?
  • Is it providing the good sound quality under high volume?
  • Is it best within your budget and for your requirements?

These were the basics that you need to take into account before buying any headphones. If you have more preferences or expectations, then you should make a list of it and purchase the most relevant ones.

Looking for the best cheap headphones 2017? Here are most affordable and best headphones under $100 that you can buy online.

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