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The Best PHP and MySQL Books of 2017 for Learning Dynamic Website Development

Are you planning on reading some of the best PHP & mysql books of 2017? Well, then you have stumbled upon a right place. This article will help you find some of the best resources for PHP learning including PHP tutorials for beginners and best PHP and mysql books.

How to learn PHP?

“Programing” is skill that cannot be learned just by going through some books. It needs consistent practice to master the art of web development through PHP. However, if you are a beginner and have some basic knowledge of PHP and mysql, some good books can really help you understand some crucial aspects of the language. There are many resources available online for learning PHP. Through this article, we have tried to compile list of top 10 PHP and MySQL books to help you understand all basic and advanced concepts of PHP Development. These books shall provide you the clear insights to PHP development and database connectivity through MySQL. These books shall certainly help you tackle some of the minor and major issues that are faced at the time of PHP development.

I have worked my way from bottom to structure this article and come up with the best PHP and mysql books of 2017. Let’s have a read:


Learning PHP and MySQL Book – Robin Nixon

Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript – Robin Nixon

Starting with this book by Robin Nixon, it explains PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript separately and in a great flow. This book is comprehensive package for three mentioned technologies and teaches you to create data-driven and responsive websites with them. This book is specifically created for the beginners with the prior knowledge of HTML.


PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Website Book – Larry Ullman

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Website – Larry Ullman

This book is the perfect compilation of PHP and MySQL to help developers building the dynamic websites with these two open-source languages. This book helps you master PHP and MySQL through step-by-step instructions, comprehensive collection of scripts, and some of the expert tips to assist you in the dynamic website development.


The Joy of PHP Programming A Beginner’s Guide – Alan Forbes

A Beginner’s Guide to Interactive Web Applications with PHP and MySQL

If you are interested in developing a web application from the scratch and you don’t know where to start from, this is the book to choose. The book starts with basic HTML so as to help the proper beginner to catch up with the base of the web development and then goes to the step-by-step approach of PHP to give you a better learning experience.


PHP Book – Troy Dimes

PHP – Troy Dimes

This book by Troy Dimes excellently covers core PHP concepts from basics to advanced approach to php programming. It is a great resource to refresh your programming skills and you experience the in-depth learning of PHP concepts while you read the book. This book has ability make you a good programmer in decent amount of time.


PHP Programming New Features and Good Practices Book – Josh Lockhart

New Features and Good Practices

When you read this book by Josh Lockhart, you get a better perspective to PHP programming and start seeing it as feature-rich object oriented programming language with the vast set of applications. This book encourages the best PHP practices such as architecture planning, database connectivity, security, debugging, and quality assurance. People with the basic knowledge of web programming must go with this one.


PHP for the Web Book – Larry Ullman

PHP for the Web

With this book, you get a quick visual tour from the basics to advanced PHP and MySQL in very organized manner. PHP for the web guides the users through step by step instructions to learn PHP 5 and PHP 7. This book is great PHP learning resource for both starters and programmers with the basic knowledge of programming.


Understand Basics of PHP and MySQL in 5 Days Book – Klaus Thenmayer

PHP Beginner’s Course

It is another great PHP and My SQL book for beginners as every little PHP concept in this book is explained with complete set of examples helping the starters to understand the language in more precise and efficient manner. This book requires you to have a computer by your side and you can practice the mentioned scripts and run them on your local server.


Solutions & Examples for PHP Programmers Book – Adam Trachtenberg

PHP Cookbook

If you are looking for programming help to accomplish some particular tasks or run some particular scripts, then this book is for you. It is a great Cookbook with over 350 script recipes ready to help you with some straightforward code solutions. This book is ultimate helping resource for experienced programmers and it can be their on-job PHP assistant.


PHP and MySQL A Step by Step Course Book – Matthew Gimson

PHP and MySQL Book

As a beginner, if you are not sure about the functions and uses of PHP, then this book is for you. The book starts with the clear and precise introduction to PHP, its functions, how and where to use it plus various decision making and loop statements that are the base of PHP. After that, this book will take you to MySQL and how to connect it to your website. Overall, this is one great book for beginners.


PHP MySQL Programming Book – Ray Yao

PHP MySQL Programming – Ray Yao

This book will help you learn complete primary skills of PHP and MySQL fast and easily. You can practice many hand-on projects with the help of examples mentioned in this book plus you have 100 test and answers, with the help of which you can test your skills and improve your coding mistakes. The good thing about this book is that you can learn various aspects and take relevant test to mark your progress with PHP learning.

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