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45+ Great Home Logo Designs for Your Business

A logo is extremely important for presenting a business. If you want to create logo designs for businesses in the real estate and home building industries, there are certain aspects you should consider. For logo design ideas, you can always head towards the online space, and find great inspiration. One …

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The Great School Logo Design for Inspiration in 2017

Nowadays, every business, industry or the profession require some symbol of recognition. It is known as the Logo of the company. Usually the company get the copy rights of their logos so that other companies or the businesses don’t get their point of recognition. There are a number of schools …

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Check Out Our 40+ Best Rocket Logo Designs Of 2017

Looking for logo design inspiration? Looking for some rocket logo designs to get creative inspiration from? You got to check this catalogue of best rocket logo design ideas of 2017 Rocket Logo Design Logo design can be challenging, especially when you have to come up with the new design every …

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30+ Best Boat Logo Design for inspiration design 2016

Rainbow Cruise Design

Choosing the best boat logo design 2016 was never so easy, or difficult considering the magnificent line up below! The artistically created and beautifully designed logos are works of art. Look no further if you want the best boat logo design. As you browse through the next thirty-one designs, we …

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25+ Dynamic Band and Music Inspired Logo Designs

Music businesses like those of music bars, music instrument stores and music studios are everywhere and it is a serious business. The music is playing the tune all year round cheering us up, filling the mood we want and surprising us always. In business, it has to be associated with …

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30+ Creative Company Logo Design for Your Inspiration

Branding your company is very important in order to increase market share and consequently, sales. There are different ways to brand your company and these methods include advertising through television, radio, and print media. The first step in branding your company includes having a creative logo design that will separate …

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30 Creative Coffee Logo Design for Inspiration

Coffee shops are the best place to hang out, rest and meet people. It is the best interest of many to start and grow their own coffee shop. But we often encounter the question, ‘how do we start?’. The answer is simple and easy. It’s like teaching your toddler how …

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30+ Funny & Creative 404 Page for Inspiration

It is quite frustrating to look for a page and suddenly you get something that says ‘404 page not found’. Normally, 404 error pages would look plain and simple with just a few characters on an empty white screen saying your page cannot be found. Because searching on the internet …

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