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Hatch – A Mobile-Friendly Theme For Photographers

It is ironic that many photography websites use free WordPress layouts that look good on a desktop, but get messed up on mobile devices. Especially since many photographers these days use their mobile devices for taking pictures and browsing the web, much more so than their desktop or laptop computers. …

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Photographer – The WordPress Theme For Image Heavy Sites

One of the conundrums facing photography blogs is that most free WordPress themes are geared towards text-heavy content, while image-centric layouts are either expensive or bloated with features that are unnecessary and do nothing but bug down servers. The Photographer WordPress theme aims to address this demand, as it is …

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Pinbin – The Pinterest-Inspired WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that will make your site look like Pinterest, the aptly named Pinbin is right up your alley. This theme stands out from the rest of the free WordPress themes available on the net by using an image grid system that emphasizes images while …

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Showcase Your Best Projects With The Portfolio WordPress Theme

Portfolio is an image and design-oriented WordPress theme that is designed for photographers, designers, artists, and even writers due to its reliance on visually pleasing elements and a neat, tidy design that doesn’t detract from the main content. Portfolio uses a responsive design consisting of 1 column of images, framed …

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Photo Book: Image-Oriented WordPress Theme for Creatives

Photo Book is a WordPress portfolio theme that is true to its name, because it mimics the look of a photo book. Like most free WordPress themes that have the word “photo” in its name, it focuses more on visuals and images instead of textual content. It does this by presenting …

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Adirondack WordPress Theme – Beauty in Simplicity

While the availability of free WordPress themes has made it possible for everyone to build their own websites regardless of technical skill, one problem that it caused is that the websites started looking looking like each other, which makes it hard for content to stand out. If you don’t want …

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GridsBy WordPress Theme – Minimal At Its Finest

If you’re a photographer who needs to showcase all of your visual masterpieces online, or a collector looking to find buyers for your precious collection, you need a website theme that offers so much more in terms of design and features, compared to what most free WordPress themes have on …

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