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Free Hotel Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Choosing free and suitable WordPress Theme is a difficult task. As you know, nowadays, not all of themes are completely designed for creating and designing websites. Travel & Hotel is a popular topic that many people searching for. They are 2 different definitions which have close relationship together. For people who are intending to travel abroad, Hotel WordPress Theme is a great option because it provides the best suggestions for travel accommodation.

This type of theme is supported by high technology including HTML5, Custom background and other modern methods. As a result, you could feel great when discovering all out-standing features of this smart theme in a comprehensive way. All images are attractive and factual as well. It creates the realistic sensation as same as you had passed these destinations.

For travel agencies, this is one of the best recommendations because they could upload a wide range of images for customers to choose. It is a direct method for advertising their products and services to visitors all over the world.

Various Theme Options

The theme provides a variety of design options for all users. For example, you could change your fonts into a great number of more than 500 options. It is a big deal that is not easy to find at other common themes. Color is also an important factor that most of people put into their first consideration. There are 2 opposite color modes for an ease of deciding. Besides, the theme comes with different room categories, including the specific details about furniture inside.

This theme makes impressive by a system of widgets, which allow a logical performance as well as effective sidebars. Then, it creates a great space for organizing all posts of the theme.
Travel Agency WordPress Theme


Booking Methods

You will find it convenient to book a room from the Hotel theme. Register to become an official guest there with many surprising elements. Choose a book which is suitable for you. There are various options of email, text, etc…for you to decide which one is best.

For the website managers, it is easy to control guest bookings and information. They could cancel guest bookings or contact to them by sending message.

High Technology

This type of theme reaches the cool display by the equipment of high technology. It offers a package of custom header, custom css live, custom menu, HTML5, Woo Commerce and WPML. By downloading Woo Commerce, you can get the benefit from adding more rooms and other related information about your products in an effective way. Furthermore, the higher living standard, the needs about multilingual website improve. It helps design your site by different languages. That is why WPML is designed for this responsibility.

Google Maps

The appearance of Google Maps has strong impact on deciding where you are. Even you are in Paris or New York, it is no matter with this new function.

In general, Hotel WordPress Theme is a great recommendation for many aspects. It combines different important factors in proving the strength of a cool display with high technology inside. If you are looking for a great option to find the suitable accommodations in your adventures, let’s pay attention to this page.
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