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Pinbin – The Pinterest-Inspired WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme that will make your site look like Pinterest, the aptly named Pinbin is right up your alley. This theme stands out from the rest of the free WordPress themes available on the net by using an image grid system that emphasizes images while still retaining support for text, just like Pinterest.

The Pinbin theme also lets users customize elements of the theme so that it won’t look like a straight Pinterest rip-off. It’s the best of all worlds – all the functionality and comfort offered by a Pinterest-like layout, while still having the ability to modify and customize the look according to your preference.

Theme Characteristics and Features:

  • Responsive Design meant to look visually appealing on both small and large screens
  • Translation ready layout, which means you can use the design no matter what language your website is in
  • Minimalist design that can be further customized, giving users the option of using the theme as is or modifying it to their heart’s content

Pinbin Pinterest-Inspired WordPress Theme


If you want a quick and easy to install theme that looks a little bit like Pinterest, Pinbin is a good choice. It’s functional and customizable enough that you can disassociate the look from Pinterest, but retains the core principles that made the social network’s layout and navigation scheme a hit with millions of users. Pinbin theme by WordPress.Org

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