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Showcase Your Best Projects With The Portfolio WordPress Theme

Portfolio is an image and design-oriented WordPress theme that is designed for photographers, designers, artists, and even writers due to its reliance on visually pleasing elements and a neat, tidy design that doesn’t detract from the main content.

Portfolio uses a responsive design consisting of 1 column of images, framed by a top menu bar containing the site logo/name and the navigation links. Unlike most free WordPress themes, the Portfolio theme was crafted specifically to stand out from generic text-only templates.

Showcase Theme Features:

  • Lightweight – while the layout looks gorgeous, it is bloat-free and lightweight, which means it will load fast on any browser and won’t bog down a visitor’s browsing experience.
  • Responsive Layout – your site’s look will be consistent regardless of the platform or device it is viewed on.
  • Support for WordPress Theme Customizer – the portfolio layout looks great out of the box, but it also allows you to custom-tailor the site to fit your idea of a perfect look.

Showcase Portfolio WordPress Theme


The Portfolio WordPress theme is your best bet if you need a website that will serve as an online portfolio of your projects, be it photographs or digital art, or even just literary works with accompanying images. Showcase theme by WordPress.Org

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