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Travel Blogger Free Beautiful WordPress Template

It is surprising that in a modern life, there is a short way to discover the beauty of all countries over the world just by a simple click. As a pride of WordPress, Travel Blogger Theme for WordPress strongly proves the effectiveness in creating and designing an attractive blogs. If you are a big fan of travel, you could get all necessary information by accessing this theme. Besides, the theme is an ideal place for capturing all remarkable memories. All of them are expressed in an attractive way which combines both information and design. It inspires people in many ways, with the close connection between them and the theme.

A variety of design options

Travel Blogger Theme offers a great number of design functions to you. By this way, you could make your blog vivid and attractive. It is a cool interface with hundreds of colors, fonts and photos, which presents your adventures in a factual way. Then, it helps create the realistic sensation of your travels. Other people will feel as they had passed these destinations. Wow, so amazing!

Thanks to 5 unique designs, you could choose which matches your requirements most. Changing the interface of the theme is easy, too. Most people feel satisfied with 3 kinds of layouts, which help them organize their articles in a logical method. All columns are very easy to adjust to meet your demands well. Another out-standing point of the Travel theme is that you could follow your favorite posts based on different characteristics. For example, they include the “Latest Post” or “Featured Post”. By just only one click, choosing the articles according to time or out-standing features becomes so quickly. In this case, the appearance of powerful sidebar tools will support you.
Travel Blogger WordPress Theme


Special features

When you use this type of theme, it opens a wide range of special things to you. What makes the theme out-standing from the others? Discover all of impressive features of Blogger Theme now.

The first important thing we had better bear into our mind is the support of built in Social Media widgets. It is a great benefit because users can connect to their guests by an effective way. Owing to this function, it is an ideal place for you to attractively tell stories about your whole life. Simply it is a matter we often meet in our daily life; it is a great topic to recommend. The theme also creates direct connection between your fans and blog. By this way, everyone could follow you and the sharing becomes so simple.

A surprising feature of the theme is the ability to decide the destination that you travel. When you post your locations on the theme, it is intelligent to use Google map to show exactly where they are.
All in all, there are many WordPress Themes available for you. Among all of them, Travel Blogger Theme for WordPress is one of the best recommendations for the cool interface, realistic sensation as well as other supportive sidebar tools. With these equipments, hope you have your best decision in enjoying all interesting trips and adventures.
Travel Blogger theme by WordPress.Org

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