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Travel Planet Elegant Free WordPress Theme

Among a great number of WordPress themes, Travel Planet meets your needs and demands in a persuasive way. The theme focuses on travelling topic, which is one of the most attractive titles nowadays. It is a modern display for all users to discover. Especially, for people having chance to access this page, it is hard-to-forget an informative and interesting theme for travel like this interface.


No one can deny the importance of WordPress in our modern life. It offers a variety of attractive themes for transferring an overall message about your target. Inheriting many out-standing features of WordPress Themes, Travel Planet is a huge informative source for doing multi-functional tasks.

First of all, it is a great option for personal blogs. If you are a person who often spends time for travelling and wants to capture all remarkable moments, this theme is for you. It offers an attractive interface for you to make your experience out-standing from others. The travel WordPress theme combines both information and eye-catching design. This is ideal for expressing the personal stories become realistic and vivid.

Another responsibility of this theme is the potential support for travel magazines. It equips high technology, which allows a scientific design for creating magazines.

For travel organizations such as Tourist Agencies, Tourist Destinations, Travel Guides, Photography, Handmade & DIY Workshops, Cuisine, Travel Diaries, Culture Reviews and Tutorials, Travel Magazines, the theme is a great option for presenting visitors who had visited these destinations.
Travel WordPress Template



The theme makes impressive by clear and smart design. As a result, it is easy to follow all posts with the right order in the theme. When you use this version, it means you could enjoy the innovation in the new performance. Coming with the colorful display, it inspires the natural sensation for reading all organized files. Each of text file is diversified by the clear layout. How wonderful it is!

A great benefit when using this tool is a large width of 960px. It offers a big space for showing all travel topics of the theme. Because it is regarded as an informative theme, the theme comes with main colors of gray, white and orange.

You will see there are two columns in Travel Planet. The left one is for posted articles and the right one is the suggestion for help, downloading and donation. All of them are designed in compatible Cross-browser which allows a logical decoration.


Travel Planet WordPress Theme features all you need for creating and designing travel magazines. With this theme, you not only could enjoy the clear layout, but also its different versions. Just by sliding, you could easily adjust and choose your favorite titles in an efficient way. Quickly register to become an official member of this WordPress Theme. The theme allows an ease of using in customizing the site header or the background font. In addition, this tool is a responsive theme with the good comment management.


This type of theme is decorated under Russian display. Therefore, it has the ability to translate your language into Russian by the super support of BestWebSoft.
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